Gwinnett County GIS

Information Technology Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integrates geographic information from aerial photography and other sources to provide useful maps and information for County agencies and the general public. This section provides technical expertise, application development, and user support.

The current GIS uses ArcGIS, a full suite of Environmental Research Systems Institute (ESRI) software. Our database includes digital aerial photography and base map revisions covering more than 245,000 tax parcels located along 2,300 miles of road countywide. The information is updated frequently and from this data, we create customized maps showing exact locations of property by street address or lot number, infrastructure such as roads, schools, and utilities, and hydrologic features like streams, rivers, and lakes.

From this site, you can print high-quality maps to a scale of your choice, or you can e-mail a map in PDF format. Large printouts to your specifications are available from the County for a small fee, which can be paid online by credit card. Gwinnett County uses this information for planning and zoning, property records, parks, transportation planning, traffic and accident analysis, elections administration, public safety (police and fire), public utilities (water and sewer), economic development, and environmental and natural resource management.

Our GIS data is also integrated into other County computer applications such as our Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management systems. With expanded hardware and better interface software, we are now able to make this information available to the public. In the future, we will continue to add functionality and capabilities based on citizen feedback and business interests.